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Q: Do I need to own a boat to be a member of the ASWSC?
A: Absolutely not. In fact, many of our members actively seek crew members for trips and tournaments. While we can’t promise that you’ll be able to get on a boat for every tournament, our goal is for everyone to fish. Even when you’re not fishing, being a club member is a great way to learn about the sport. Also, we sometimes organize fishing events or charters that allow everyone to participate, whether they own a boat or not.
Q: How do I meet and establish relationships with other members?
A: The best way is to come to the monthly club meetings. Aside from being informative, these meetings are fun social events. You can also participate in raffles for great prizes.
Q: If I can’t make it to the monthly meetings, how do I participate?
A: Once you start fishing with other members, you’ll make friends and meet other members at tournaments & events. We have a variety of opportunities to get you started fishing; just let us know if you need crew – or if you are available to be a crewmember – and we’ll put you in touch with other members accordingly. It doesn’t always work out that every boat has a full crew and everyone has a boat to fish on, but we try our best to give everyone the opportunity to fish as often as possible.